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  • Access & Data FAQs

    Can I consolidate voice, data and video on a single channel?

    With FairPoint Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM, you can consolidate voice, data and video globally on a single channel while reaching transfer speeds greater than that of frame relay.

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  • voice_faq_support
  • Voice FAQs

    What voice plans does FairPoint offer my business?

    FairPoint offers a variety of voice plans, including both flat rate and measured use local access, distance, international plans. View our plans, or call us at at 1.866.984.4001 to determine what options are right for you.

    How can I change my voicemail settings?

    You can easily change your voicemail settings at any time by calling your voicemail access number.

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  • conferencing_faq_support
  • Conferencing FAQs

    Can I use FairPoint for my web/video conferencing needs?

    Yes. With FairPoint Web Conferencing you can add a visual component to your audio toll free conference calls.

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