TechConnect Grants

FairPoint recognizes the value of technology as a powerful tool for creating real change in the way we communicate, conduct business, educate children, serve our customers and build economies.
By employing technology, FairPoint is committed to improving the quality of life of our customers and communities.

Technology benefits communities, businesses, families and individuals:

  • Speeds communication to make it easier to disseminate information
  • Provides global access
  • Offers greater access to remote or disabled students
  • Connects services and activities that reduce costs and time
  • Expedites personal and business transactions from shopping to banking and paying bills

Corporate Giving

FairPoint supports initiatives that enhance technical connections to information, services, opportunities and each other.

 We strive to fund programs that:

  • Support shared online community resource initiatives that can be replicated
  • Stimulate broader access to services, programming and information
  • Champion collaboration across geographic areas
  • Support technological literacy, cyber-safety and citizenship initiatives


Young Writers Project Maine Reads Portland Symphony


FairPoint considers partnership opportunities that promote and exemplify the effective use of broadband technologies, especially those that enhance online access, information and literacy. We support initiatives that deliver safe and innovative applications of technology that improves the connection of our communities to information, services and opportunities