Corporate Profile


CORPORATE OVERVIEW - FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (NASDAQ : FRP) Through its fast, reliable network, FairPoint Communications  delivers a range of affordable data and voice communications services to businesses, including public and private institutions, as well as residential and wholesale customers in 17 states.

There’s Strength In Our Numbers

  • 100+ years of combined telecommunications service

  • Operations in 17 states

  • Largest network in northern New England

  • More than 16,000 fiber route miles

  • At least 90% broadband availability in all service areas

  • More than $190 million invested in the communications infrastructure and technology to expand broadband to un-served or under-served areas since April 2008

  • Approximately $1 billion annual revenue

  • 1.1 million access line equivalents

  • 3,300 employees

  • 6th largest U.S. wireline phone company

  • More than $1.2 million in charitable and civic contributions in 2012

The FairPoint Difference

  • Superior Network
    You can count on us to keep you connected. Our next-generation network powers today’s technology and tomorrow’s possibilities through both traditional and cutting-edge IP-based services.

  • Local Support & Presence
    FairPoint employees are neighbors to our customers. We are fellow investors and volunteers in our local communities. We are firmly dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction with our service.

  • Best-in-Class Customer Experience
    Even as the way we connect continues to evolve, FairPoint’s commitment to providing trusted, best-in-class service that our customers can count on is unwavering. We build and inspire confidence in our team by being reliable, responsible, responsive, honest and caring.

  • Value for You
    We believe our customers choose us because we deliver the overall best value. We believe value is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, value is not necessarily the lowest price or the latest technology, but right-sized scalable services designed and supported by experienced local teams just for you.

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