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Residential Billing

Can I sign up for automatic payment service?

Residential Phone Service

Does FairPoint offer unlimited local and regional calling plans at one low price?
What are some of FairPoint's International Calling Plans?
Can I keep the same telephone number I have now?

Residential High-Speed Internet

How does FairPoint High-Speed Internet differ from my dial-up service?
Do I need an additional phone line to use High-Speed Internet service?
Will my phone work if my modem loses power?
Can I go wireless with FairPoint?
Can all FairPoint phone customers get high-speed Internet?

Residential DIRECTV®

How many channels can I get with DIRECTV® from FairPoint?
Where is my DIRECTV ® dish installed?
Do I need more than one DIRECTV® dish if I have more than one TV?
Can I watch different channels in different rooms?
How will I billed for DIRECTV® programming?

Business Internet

How will I be billed for FairPoint Internet Access Services?
Can I get FairPoint High-Speed Internet service without a phone line?

Business Voice

How can I change my voicemail settings?
Where can I find operating instructions for my calling features?

Business Data

Can I consolidate voice, data and video on a single channel?
Can FairPoint Data Services provide unified connectivity at multiple office locations?
What is FairPoint SONET service?

Business Conferencing

Does FairPoint offer automated audio conferencing services?
What operator assisted conferencing options are available?
Can I use FairPoint for my web/video conferencing needs?