Young Writers Project

 Since 2008, FairPoint has helped expand digital writing classrooms offered through the Young Writers Project in Vermont.  Using technology, this program helps teachers present innovative methods for writing .
 The Young Writers Project engages students to write and improve their skills through its website,, a safe, comfortable place where teens create and share writing samples with their peers and build a community of writers.

  • 35,000 submissions and posts each year
  • 3,700 students have had their work published in six daily newspapers and three weeklies
  • Students from 300 schools in Vermont (and part of New Hampshire) have participated
  • 150 pieces of student art published
  • 2,000 entries given feedback by 125 college mentors since spring 2007
  • Annual average of 600 visits to with 80,000 posted comments
  • 20,000 students and at least 54 schools participate in the Young Writers Project's annual Vermont Writes Days
  • 33 schools are participating in Young Writers Project's Schools Project
  • 31 teachers are participating in the Young Writers Project's Master's Level Practicum on Digital Writing and approximately 150 teachers received digital learning training in recent years