Alerts: Important Info for FairPoint's Customers and Communities


Check this page regularly for important information about FairPoint services and for tips on how to protect yourself from scams and frauds targeted at consumers and business owners in the communities we serve.

Legitimate FairPoint offers and incentives will appear on the Residential and Business or our other landing pages as promotions. Fraudulent popups have been seen by some customers while browsing on other sites. If you want to confirm the legitimacy of an offer, you will be able to see the same offer on (Make sure you enter your zip code/phone to see the offers/promotions for your area) Fraudulent requests usually require you to advance money in order to get the get advertised incentive/gift/employment opportunity.  

FairPoint Communications and local police are warning the public about a telephone scam that originates from the Jamaican 876 area code. The scam has victimized elderly residents throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, resulting in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Tips on Preventing Phone Scams:


  • If you get a call saying you’re a winner – don’t pay any money to collect supposed sweepstakes winnings. Legitimate operations won’t require you to pay to collect your winnings.
  • It’s against federal law to play a foreign lottery – so if you get a call it is likely a scam.
  • Never wire money to anyone with whom you are not familiar.
  • Never provide anyone with personal information such as bank accounts, pin numbers or Social Security numbers.
  • Check any unfamiliar area codes before returning calls.
  • Be aware that there are many 3-digit area codes that connect callers to international telephone numbers – especially 876.
  • If you do not have Caller ID, consider adding it to your phone service. Caller ID allows you to add a call-interceptor feature that screens calls and offers the option to reject suspicious international calls.
  • If you do not make international calls, ask your telephone provider to block outgoing international calls.
  • Contact your local authorities, FairPoint Communications or the Federal Trade Commission to report a potential scam.




















If you received your Internet Terms of Service between Dec. 13, 2013 and March, 5, 2014, FairPoint Communications is amending your Internet Terms of Service.


Section 16.2 of your Internet Terms of Service will be amended by replacing your existing Section 16.2 with the following:


16.2 FairPoint will not be liable for delays, damages or failures in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of a governmental body, acts of God, acts of third parties, fires, floods, strikes, work slow-downs or other labor-related activity, or an inability to obtain necessary equipment or services.


In accordance with Sections “3. Revisions To This Agreement” and “14. Notices,” please take this as a notice of a change to your Terms of Service for Consumer Internet Services. View your April 2014 statement for a printed copy of this amendment. If you have questions regarding this message, please contact us at 1.866.984.2001.



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