FairPoint Donates $3,000 to 3 Vermont Nonprofits

Employees from St. Albans, Milton and Sharon Earn Donations Based on Time Spent Volunteering for Organizations




News Release

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Sabina Haskell

SOUTH BURLINGTON,Vt. (May 13, 2011)-FairPoint Communications will donate a combined $3,000 to three Vermont nonprofit organizations based on a corporate financial match program for FairPoint employees who are actively involved in community activities.

The FairPoint Volunteer Incentive Program recognizes employees' contributions of time and talent to nonprofit organizations near where they live and work. Employees who volunteer at least 50 hours per year can ask that FairPoint reward the organization with a $750 grant. Any northern New England FairPoint full-time employee can request donated funds on behalf of two separate organizations for a total of $1,500 year.

Favorite nonprofits of FairPoint employees include:

  • Little League Baseball ($750), made possible through the generous contributions of time and talent from FairPoint employee Rene DeLaricheliere of St. Albans.
  • National Audubon Society ($750), made possible through the generous contributions of time and talent from FairPoint employee Jennifer Benard of Milton.
  • Boy Scouts of America/Green Mountain Council ($1,500), made possible through the generous contributions of time and talent from FairPoint employees Jennifer Benard of Milton and Richard Kent of Sharon.

"At FairPoint, we believe that we can build and sustain communities not only through deploying our high-speed broadband technology, but also through the active engagement of FairPoint employees in the more than 140 cities and towns around the state where they live and work," said Michael K. Smith, FairPoint state president for Vermont. "We salute our colleagues through the FairPoint Volunteer Incentive Program and are pleased that our contributions can help these organizations thrive across the state."

Since 2008, FairPoint employees have donated more than 5,000 hours of their time, earning $46,500 in Vermont for 62 worthy organizations.

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