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Sabina Haskell

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT (May 13,2011) - FairPoint Communications is turning up more neighborhoods across Vermont this week as we march toward our commitment to bring total high-speed Internet coverage to half of our exchanges this year.

Here is the latest availability report. We will be sending these to you weekly for the next eight weeks. FairPoint's high-speed Internet service will reach customers along all or portions of the following streets:

Bakersfield and Enosburg Falls: Bakersfield, Cold Hollow, Cook Brook, Hill, Peaked Hill, Town Road 3 and Witchcat.

Derby: Allendale, Beebe, Can-American, Cottage, Cousen's, Dairninaka, Darling Hill, Derby, Jayview, Johns River, Lake, Lake Circle, Lake View, Nield's, Pinewood, Pleasan, Poulin Farm, Prevost, Roberts, Sunset Acres, Upper Quarry, Whispering Pines, White Pines, White Birch and Woods Farm.

Duxbury: Camels Hump, Mountainview, Ridley, Scrabble Hill and Vilcins.

Fairfax area: Berthiaume, Brush, Buck Hollow, Bushey, Button, Cedar, Cherrierville, Darcy, Evergreen, Gaudette Farm, Gedeon, Hidden Valley, Jake, Kingsland Hollow, Lawton, Lloyd, Outback, Rood Mill, Rose, Sugar Ridge, Sugarbush, Wells, Whitetail and Woodward.

Ferrisburgh: Blue Heron, Cross, Diamond Island, Echo, Forest Cassin, Fuller Mountain, Grosse Point, Hawkins, Hawkins Bay, Jewell, Jockey, Kingsland, Bay State Park, Ledge, Little Chicago, Nuthatch, Old Ledge, Rock, Sand, Schoolhouse, Shellhouse Mountain and Town Beach.

Goshen: Broken Wire, Cape Lookoff, Capen Hill, Carlisle Hill, Dutton Brook, Flora White, Gap, Goshen Ripton, Hathaway, Hayes, Hill, Silver Lake and White Rocks.

Hancock: Blair, Comes, Fassett Hill, Killooleet, Mountain Farm, Route 100, Route 100 South, Route 125, Shampeny Hill, Silver, Taylor Brook, Taylor Meadow, Texas Falls, Tucker Brook, Tunnel Brook and Windigo.

Jamaica and Windham: Black Bear, Blake, Brazers, Broken Glass, Burbee Pond, Canedy, County, Dalewood, Day, Dini, Dost, Fischer, Forrester, Golding, Goldman, Harwood, Ingalls, Jamaica, Mountain, North, Old Cheney, Pikes Falls, Pleasant Valley, Reynolds, Sage Hill, Toad, Trager and White Hill, Windham, Windham Hill, Wonder and Worden.

Morgan: Curtis and Upland Acres.

Newbury: Doe, Doe Hill, Old West Newbury, Peach Brook, Pine, Route 5, Scott, Snake and Toll House.

Swanton: Adirondak, Austin, Bevins, Cheney Point, Cohen, Donovan, Giroux, Janes, Maquam Shore, Pike Farm, Sams and Sandy Cove.

Waterbury: Beaver Pond, Bittersweet, Branberry, Branbury, Burt Farm, Cabin, Cobb Hill, Deacons, Fuller Acres, Gregg Hill, Guild Hill, Maple, Metayer, Railroad, Ruby Raymond, Russell, Spruce, Spruce Haven, Stoneledge, Stowe, Tayer, Waterbury-Stowe and Wildflower.

Westford and Underhill: Allen Irish, Apple Tree, Beaverbrook, Buchanon, Cowie, Duffy Hill, Fox, Hackett, Kingfisher, Rabbit, Route 15, Seymour, Spring Hill and Wild Berry.

Windsor: Jewett, Route 5 North and Taylor.

These new broadband rollouts are part of the company's new fiber-based, high-capacity network called VantagePoint(SM). FairPoint's VantagePoint network provides residential speed options as fast as 15Mbps. Broadband service on the VantagePoint network means customers can smoothly stream live video, play online games and upload photos and large files with ease. Always-on broadband access provides almost instant connections to information, news and entertainment.

Since April 2008, FairPoint has invested more than $60 million in the communications infrastructure and technology to bring broadband to Vermont, including building almost 1,000 miles of new fiber across the state.

Internet packages start at $35.99 per month. For additional information about FairPoint high-speed Internet prices and bundled plans, residential consumers can call 1.866.984.2001 or visit

About FairPoint

FairPoint Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ: FRP) ( is a leading communications provider of high-speed Internet access, local and long-distance phone, television and other broadband services to customers in communities across 18 states. Through its fast, reliable data network, FairPoint delivers data and voice networking communications solutions to residential, business and wholesale customers. VantagePoint(sm), FairPoint's resilient IP-based network in northern New England, provides business customers a fast, flexible, affordable Ethernet connection. The VantagePoint(sm) network supports applications like video conferencing and e-learning. Additional information about FairPoint products and services is available at You can also connect with FairPoint on Twitter ( and Facebook (