How Much Can I Save?

There’s a reduced monthly charge while you’re away. Save up to 96% off your standard monthly rate. A one-time fee may apply to initiate your Seasonal Plan for voice.*


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Seasonal Plan?
  2. How does a Seasonal Plan work?
  3. Who is eligible to enroll in a Seasonal Plan?
  4. What services are available while on a Seasonal Plan?
  5. How do I pay for a Seasonal Plan?

Enroll Online Today!

It’s easy and convenient to plan ahead with our new online tool. Schedule seasonal suspend or restore dates for eligible services, or make changes to existing scheduled suspend and restore dates.



*Seasonal Plans are available to existing residential and business customers with certain eligible services. Restrictions on suspend intervals and duration apply. Seasonal Plans may not be available in all areas or for all services or at the rates generally marketed. Certain taxes and fees may continue to apply to suspended services. Leased modem charges are waived during seasonal suspension of Internet service. Plans and services subject to change. If products or their standard rates change while you are on a Seasonal Plan, it’s possible that your pre-seasonal services and pricing may not be available upon your restoral. Other restrictions apply. Call for details.