IntelliBeam Broadband Transport

Our high-speed optical fiber-based full data transmission service can connect one customer premises to another or to other FairPoint services. IntelliBeam® Broadband Transport (IBT) is available as a point-to-point non-channelized service or multiplexed service.

New orders priced on a contractual basis. Please contact FairPoint or call your account manager for your specific needs.

Benefits Includes:

Manages capacity (because it can customize facility service channel configurations)

Saves money by consolidating all access circuits (DS1, DS3, Ethernet speeds) onto an OC-n (IBT) rather than point-to-point private line circuits

Allows future growth, thanks to reserved bandwidth (MUXED IBT) and customized and flexible bandwidth configuration

Avoids the expense of a dedicated network

Features includes:

Protects local loop and interoffice facilities

Two fiber network interfaces and optional four fiber (1 plus 1 port protection) network interfaces

FairPoint's SONET network offers the highest level of survivability at the local loop, the interoffice facilities and the wire center

Available where SONET facilities and capacity exist

Fiber path diversity

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