FairPoint Optical Networking

Support a wide range of bandwidth options for your voice and data applications with FairPoint Optical Networking (FON), our point-to-point dedicated Ethernet private line service.

For new orders, a contract is required. Please contact a FairPoint
Wholesale account manager to discuss your specific needs.

Benefits includes:

Simplified infrastructure reduces operational costs, training and network management

Scalable, efficient and cost-effective

Purchase only the bandwidth you need

Reduces latency issues for voice while dedicating reliable bandwidth for data

Features includes:

Seamless convergence of voice and data on an optical networking platform

Purchase only the bandwidth you need with a single LAN/WAN network solution

Provides well-trained and experienced operational support personnel and extensive operational support

Offers SONET/DWDM Inter-office infrastructure for transport

Provides SONET Mapped Options

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