Wholesale Package: Internet

Offer your consumer and business customers FairPoint's High-Speed Internet (HSI) service at competitive rates at the following speeds:

  • Up to 768 Kbps downstream / 128 Kbps upstream
  • Up to 3 Mbps downstream / 768 Kbps upstream
  • FairPoint dependability increases customer demand

    Discounted pricing helps you
    win customers

    Subscribers can share files and transport graphics and photo files quickly

    Provides audio/video streaming, videoconferencing and remote network access

    Consumer and Business

    9 email addresses with myfairpoint.net

    2GB of mail storage per email box

    High-Speed Internet self-install kit with micro-filters, user guide, and software

  • Available in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont on POTS line types only
  • Available as part of a commercial agreement on an underlying Wholesale Package voice service line
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