Wholesale Voice Package

Wholesale package includes a loop, switching and enhanced features. In addition, if you wish to add
High-Speed Internet, an Inside Wire Maintenance Plan and/or Voicemail to an offering to your customers,
FairPoint Wholesale package may be right for you.

Lets you rebrand FairPoint's narrowband, circuit switched services and features at competitive rates

Available as baseline or with enhancements as follows:

  • Wholesale Package - Baseline service
  • Wholesale Package - HSI
  • Wholesale Package - Inside Wire Maintenance Plan
  • Wholesale Package - Voicemail
  • Includes features such as High-Speed Internet, Inside Wire Maintenance Plan and Voicemail

    Enables CLECs to offer the following services to their end user customers:

  • Residential and Business POTS
  • Centrex and Centrex with Assume Dial 9 (AD9)
  • Analog PBX trunks
  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Non-Centrex Basic Rate ISDN service (to the extent available)
  • Remote Call Forwarding (RCF)
  • Public Access Lines (PAL) and Coin
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